A picture of a robot - Can you really leave your multilingual customer service to this guy?

Can Chatbots Deliver Multilingual Customer Service?

In today’s global economy, you must put provisions in place to support a global customer base. By engaging your customers in their native language, you boost conversions and build brand loyalty. But creating a multilingual customer service team that can handle all of your customers’ questions, queries and complaints will require a significant investment. If only there was a cheaper way to support your domestic and overseas customers…

What is a customer service chatbot and how can it help?

A customer service chatbot is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer customer questions via a live chat messenger. Chatbots use the existing information and resources you have, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages and knowledge bases, to answer queries and offer help. They can answer multiple forms of the same basic customer questions and be trained to give instant responses in your chosen voice and tone.

You might choose to use a multilingual chatbot if:

  • you have a growing base of international customers
  • you’re unable to provide 24/7 support in your customers’ native language
  • customer service support is required across multiple channels (e.g. social media, website, apps, etc.); and
  • you cannot afford to provide customer service at the necessary scale

Are customer service chatbots truly multilingual?

Although chatbot technology is improving all the time, until now much of the research has been focused on natural language processing and enhancing their ability to answer more complex queries. As a result, improving the language diversity of chatbots has been somewhat left behind.

A lot of the work that goes into creating chatbots has inevitably been focused on a business’s domestic language. This means that most of the improvements have been made in majority languages such as English and Mandarin. Second languages for chatbot development tend to be those that are spoken by the widest customer base – typically languages such as Spanish and French.

That has created language inequality when it comes to multilingual customer service, with speakers of more minority languages – even those with tens of millions of customers – being poorly catered for.

Chatbots cannot replace your multilingual customer service team

Although chatbots can reduce some of the load that your customer service agents have to bear, they cannot, as yet, replace them entirely. Where chatbots are incredibly valuable is in answering simple questions quickly, which frees up your customer service agents to focus on the more complex queries that chatbots would not be able to handle.

Chatbots are also no replacement for an interaction with a real human. If someone is feeling confused or frustrated by your product or service, chatbots can never give a genuine “I’m sorry” or take the necessary steps to make a situation right.

For that reason, you must view chatbots as a support system to help your customer service agents. Used in this way, they can have major benefits for your multilingual customer service function and improve your customers’ interactions with your business.

Customer service support in every language

At Linguistica International, our translation, transcreation and copywriting team can help you create multilingual customer service content that can be your customers’ first port of call for the assistance they need. Call 02392 987 765 or email info@linguistica-international.com to discuss your requirements with our team.



Translation sectors

Professional Translation Services for Diverse Industries

We hope you’ll forgive us, but in this edition of the Linguistica International blog, we’re moving away from our usual brand of translation-based articles to focus on something more important – us!

We’re often contacted by prospective clients who want to know whether we can provide translation services in their sector, and our answer, invariably, is yes! To help clear up any confusion, we thought it would be well worth providing a little more information about some of the industries and sectors we serve.

Some of our sectors

It’s important to note that the following is just a small sample of the major industries we serve. We also provide translation services to businesses in industries as diverse as football and fashion.

• Digital marketing translations

One of the most common services we provide is the translation and transcreation of marketing materials for digital marketing agencies and in-house digital marketing teams. The internet has made it easier than ever for businesses of every size to engage with international audiences. We facilitate that process by creating digital content that reflects the culture, the regulatory nuances, and of course, the language of your target market.

• Retail translations

We work closely with a number of international retailers to help them maximise their sales by opening up their brands and products to as many customers as possible. Our translation services for retailers include language translation, international regulatory alignment, labelling solutions and everything else you need to boost engagement in overseas territories.

• Technology translations

The technology industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, so it’s essential that tech companies have a translation provider they can trust to put the appropriate language infrastructure in place, fast! We work with a diverse range of businesses across the tech sector, from telecommunications to cloud computing, to address the linguistic challenges and opportunities they face.

• Legal translations

We provide specialised legal language services to law firms, in-house counsel, legal professionals and more. Many of those services go beyond straightforward translation and include summary translation, certified translation, notarised translation, sworn translation and apostille translation. We use legal translators with experience of working as legal professionals to ensure the accuracy of all our translation work.

• Central and local government translations

Our reputation for accuracy, security and reliability has led us to provide translation, transcription and interpreting services for local and central government organisations. Our staff have undergone rigorous recruitment procedures, including reference checks, qualification checks and DBS checks and all our work is fully GDPR compliant, so confidentiality is assured.

  • Pharmaceutical and medtech translations

Our global network of pharmaceutical and medtech experts will work with you to manage complex linguistic challenges and prepare your products for market in more than 250 languages. Whether it’s translating clinical trials and patient records or medical product packaging and manuals, our specialist medical linguists are ready to help.

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