Happy Birthday to Linguistica International!

Happy Birthday Linguistica International… Six Years and Counting!

It’s probably not all that dignified to wish yourself a happy birthday, but once you reach the ripe old age of six, you tend not to care; after all, it’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to.

Thankfully though, there’ll be no tears, because Linguistica International has had another barnstorming year. We actually can’t believe how lucky we’ve been, and we want to sincerely thank each and every one of our fantastic clients for their continued business, and all of our mother tongue translators for the exceptional standard of their work.

The Early Days…

To say the success we have experienced to date is unexpected would not be true; after all, we wouldn’t have started a business if we expected it to fail. But we certainly have been surprised by the tremendous growth we’ve achieved to date.

We formed Linguistica International in 2008, right at the start of the economic crisis. The downturn was beginning to kick in and many of our friends and colleagues thought we were crazy to start our own business at such a precarious time.

The business itself began in the spare room of a frustrated translator. The source of the frustration was the lack of professionalism and the sloppy work that so many translation agencies were willing to let slide. The realisation dawned on us that the only way to produce the calibre of work we were happy to put our names to was to set up on our own. Yes, the timing might have been bad, but it really was our only option.

Sustained Growth

Linguistica International was born in a time of austerity, but we’re incredibly proud that during these bleak years for many, we were able to grow our business year-on-year while a number of our competitors were forced to fold. In fact, through the recession we achieved an average annual growth of 50 percent.

Now the economic situation is looking just a little bit brighter we have been able to increase our rate of growth substantially, so much so that are we already 55 percent up on our end of year figures for 2013. And all this is thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team.

Client Retention Rates

The underlying reason for our success is the quality of translation we insist on. We did not start this business to become the type of sloppy translation agency we were desperate to get away from. We had a simple choice: to rush through a piece of work and deliver mediocre translations that underwhelm our clients; or take the time to produce a piece of work that we can be proud of. No contest!

So far our drive to produce the highest quality work has been reflected in our customer retention rates. We currently retain 90 percent of our clients. In 2015, we want it to be 100 percent!

Whether you’d like to wish us a happy birthday, or simply put an order in for some work, we’d love to hear from you. Please call +44 2392 987 765 or email: info@linguistica-international.com to get in touch.