Introducing Our Clients: The Worldwide Tribe

In this edition of the Linguistica International blog, we wanted to take a brief sojourn from our usual array of top translation tips and insights, to shed some light on the work of one of our fantastic clients. Needless to say the internet is an extremely crowded space, where endless celebrity photos and infinite ‘how-to’ articles compete for space, but amongst all this white noise there are some really important messages that are struggling to get through.

Our client, The Worldwide Tribe, is one such organisation that’s doing some amazing work and is truly deserving of every bit of attention it can get. The Worldwide Tribe is an organisation that has been created to highlight the humanity behind world issues, and inspire social change through creative storytelling and by bringing the everyday experiences of hundreds of thousands of people around the world to life.

We all know there are some terrible things going on around the world, but without honing in on the experiences of individuals, it is all too easy to dismiss these events as simply too big to solve. The reality is that there is something everyone can do to improve the lives of these individuals.

Their Work – ‘The Jungle’

Working on the ground in refugee camps in Europe gives the team an understanding of the needs of the refugees, first-hand, and the small ways their lives can be improved. On a recent trip to ‘The Jungle’ in Calais, it quickly became apparent that being able to communicate with family and friends in other parts of the world was just as important as the material essentials like food and clothes. When fleeing warzones and embarking on notoriously dangerous journeys, sometimes all you want to do is let your family know you’re safe.

To make this wish a reality for the Europe’s refugees, the team have installed WiFi in The Jungle as well as in rural areas across the Africa. As well as communicating with their families, internet access will also allow refugees to learn more about their rights and the different processes they can expect as part of their asylum claim. Then there are the huge number of language learning and education opportunities online…

Turkey, Jordan & Lesvos

The Worldwide Tribe has also done some magnificent work in Turkey, Jordan and the usually idyllic Greek Island of Lesvos. The team have been on the ground working to improve the lives of refugees, improving the structure of the camps and helping to care for some of the most vulnerable refugees. The team were able to install WiFi at the Pikpa camp in Lesvos, and address the immediate needs of new arrivals to the camp by facilitating donations of clothing, food, shelter and medical provisions.

They have also developed their own programme of school talks and workshops, to encourage open discussion about current world issues and to teach young people about the refugee crisis and what they can do to have an impact.

Do your bit

As a charitable organisation, The Worldwide Tribe is reliant on the donations of people like you to continue this work and make a real difference to the lives of refugees. So, please read some of team’s stories, watch some of their eye-opening films, and if you feel this is work you can support then please make a donation today.