Multilingual email marketing

Why Multilingual Email Marketing Matters in 2019

Firstly, before we delve into why a multilingual email marketing campaign could be the driving force behind the expansion of your business this year, we’d like to wish all our readers a happy 2019! With the Christmas break over, business owners across the UK will be looking for new ways to take their business to the next level, and we think multilingual email marketing is a cost-effective way to provide the impetus you need.

Every year, new technologies come along and transform the way we communicate with existing and potential customers, but email is still the most effective.

A study by the ecommerce software firm Monetate found that 4.24 percent of visitors make a purchase due to email marketing, compared with 2.49 percent of visitors from search engines and just 0.59 percent from social media. The average value of an order from an email customer is also three times that of a social media visitor. So, while it might be old hat by modern standards, email marketing still pulls in the crowds.

The easy way to start selling to foreign markets

There are numerous benefits associated with multilingual email marketing when compared to other methods of communicating with an overseas audience.

The cost is one of the most compelling benefits. Rather than spending money on pay-per-click adverts or sponsored posts on social media, you can create a single email that can be sent to thousands of potential new customers. The only cost you’ll have to consider is the creation of the email itself, including its translation into the target language. You may also have to think about how you’ll acquire the email addresses of prospective customers if that’s something you don’t have.

Email marketing also provides a high level of conversions and gives you the certainty that your marketing messages are sure to reach your target audience. That’s something other media, such as social media ads and other digital marketing methods, may not deliver.

How to create a great multilingual email marketing campaign

1. Familiarise yourself with the most popular email marketing tools

If you’re planning to send out emails en masse, it’s well worth exploring some of the most popular email marketing tools such as MailChimp and Benchmark. They make it much easier to design visually appealing messages that will capture the attention of your target market. You can also automate much of the process and measure the success of your campaigns against a range of metrics.

2. Create personalised messages

A good marketing email will address the recipient by their name and use friendly and informal language. If you are targeting prospective customers in more than one foreign market, you must adapt the language, the format, the images you use and even the colours to meet the cultural expectations of every audience.

3. Use professional translators

It should go without saying that if you plan on sending emails to thousands of customers in a new market, you must use professional mother-tongue translators to make sure that every message is word perfect. Any mistakes you make will damage the trust of consumers potentially irreparably and have a lasting impact on sales.

4. Segment emails for every customer

If you plan on taking multilingual email marketing seriously, it’s essential you segment the campaign based on the objectives of your business (e.g. launch a new product, build loyalty, create a subscribers list etc.). You must know exactly which emails have been sent to customers and when to create a cohesive campaign.

5. Measure the impact of every change you make

You will not create the perfect multilingual email on the first attempt. It takes time to create messaging that optimises open rates and conversions. Even something seemingly as simple as the subject line will have a huge impact on whether the email is opened and read or immediately trashed. Measuring the effect of every little change will allow you to fine-tune your email to create a cost-effective conversion machine.

How can we help?

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