Linguistica Launches South Coast Based Recruitment Site

In a bid to meet its ever growing client base’s needs, UK translation agency Linguistica International has launched an in-house recruitment site. Developed to help jobseekers and employers find, advertise and apply for multilingual roles, South Coast based Linguistica Recruitment is part of the company’s commitment to offering clients superlative linguistics services across the globe.

For over 16 years Linguistica International has been delivering word perfect mother tongue translation services to businesses wanting to arm themselves with a global edge. Now, the company has launched a purpose built solution designed to place qualified, mother tongue linguists on-site in permanent roles.

Globalisation is rapidly sweeping the world and the demand for talented linguists has never been greater. Breaking down language barriers is the key to conquering global economies, and businesses that fail to realise this will be left behind. Corporate recruiters often struggle to cater for the niche multilingual market which is where Linguistica’s new recruitment service comes in. Already, the foreign language careers specialist has placed hundreds of professional linguists in positions across England’s South Coast. There’s more than enough talent out there to fill the positions, and Linguistica Recruitment helps employers pinpoint the crème de la crème of the applicant pool.

Using a tried and tested online process, the recruitment team screens high calibre candidates and selects optimal roles based on individual skills and experience. Every placed candidate undergoes written and oral tests to ensure absolute fluency, as well as an in-depth reference check. This meticulous interview process conducted by professional linguists allows employers to recruit with confidence. For businesses, the result is a curated workforce that speaks the language of their customers.

The company makes the recruitment process easy with its dedicated team of HR experts. Employers in search of high quality candidates simply get in touch to discuss requirements, budgets and other details. The team will then scour the existing database of experienced linguists and actively recruit for each individual role.
Carrie Wilson, director said, “The inability to communicate effectively with customers will categorically impact a business’s bottom line. Linguistica Recruitment has been developed to help businesses arm themselves with a global edge, while simultaneously offering professional linguists a place to actively seek out and apply for roles.”

Professional linguists on the hunt for exciting new career opportunities can use the platform to browse job listings and submit applications. Once received, a member of the HR team will be in touch to discuss suitability. As part of the agency’s commitment to ongoing excellence, candidates also enjoy ongoing support and assistance throughout the search.

Currently Linguistica Recruitment is advertising a diverse range of permanent and contract roles in a variety of foreign language careers. From marketing, project management and IT to customer services, administration and HR, employment opportunities are dynamic. Live positions include Multilingual Customer Service Professionals based in Hampshire, Polish Speaking Customer Service Personal based in Portsmouth and an Italian Business Information Manager based in Surrey.

The agency works with a myriad of top companies located in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Dorset.

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