Telephone interpreters

Effective Global Communication is just a Phone Call Away

The role of telephone interpretation has changed beyond recognition in the last couple of decades. What started as a tool to help Australian immigrants with limited English proficiency access the emergency services, now allows us to communicate seamlessly with people overseas.

The internet has added to this global reach by making it possible to access websites from all over the world. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses of every shape and size.

However, a problem still persists. The language barrier for many companies is the one obstacle that can slow their success overseas. Even small businesses can now enter foreign markets without the need for an established and expensive physical presence, but direct communication with international customers, clients and partners remains an unavoidable part of expansion.

Thankfully, rather than battling against the prohibitive price of foreign travel, Linguistica’s telephone interpreting services now allow businesses to communicate with foreign prospects at a tiny fraction of the cost.

How does our telephone interpreting service work?

Telephone interpreting services allow you to communicate with individuals who do not share a common language via an interpreter on a three-way phone line. The vast majority of telephone interpreting takes place consecutively. That is, you speak, then pause to wait for the interpreter to summarise or repeat verbatim what you have said in the third party’s language. The interpreter then repeats their reply to you in English.

The main advantage of our telephone interpreting service is that no specialist equipment is required. All you need is a telephone and an account number which we will provide you with.

What about the price?

Due to the varying time zones at play, a telephone interpreting provider should be there to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Linguistica does just that.

You never know when you’ll need to pick up the phone and speak to a distributor, supplier or prospect overseas, so it’s important you only pay for the talk time you need. We charge just £1.85 + VAT per minute, which is billed by the second.

There should also be no minimum spend, so you can use our telephone interpreters as much or as little as you need.

How can you determine the quality of a telephone interpreting service?

Whether it’s in person, by email, or over the phone, communication within an international business or with customers and clients overseas should be efficient, fluid and effective. Misunderstandings can be expensive and damaging to productive business relationships, which is why a trial and error method of determining the quality of an interpreting service is a risky approach to take.

Telephone interpreting is a very specific skill, so working with specialist telephone interpreters, rather than linguists who work across a spectrum of services, is always a good start.

Telephone interpreters require specialist training and qualifications. Achieving the highest standard of qualification relies on impeccable comprehension, first class language abilities, comprehensive knowledge of industry specific terminology and excellent customer service skills.

Telephone interpreters also require the technological prowess to deal with unavoidable issues which can hamper communication. Poor sound quality, interference on the line or distracting noises will reduce the clarity of your message. Only when a telephone interpretation service offers this level of expertise can you be sure your voice is heard.

We’re ready to take your call…

Seamless global communication is just a phone call away. At Linguistica International, we help hundreds of organisations connect instantly with customers and clients overseas. Please call +44 2392 987 765 or email: to see how we can help you.