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On-demand telephone interpreting

What is On-Demand Telephone Interpreting and How Does it Work?

At Linguistica Translation and Recruitment, we provide a fast and effective on-demand telephone interpreting service that allows businesses to communicate across language barriers as and when they need to.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at on-demand telephone interpreting and run through the different ways that it can help your business.

What is on-demand telephone interpreting?

Telephone interpreting connects human interpreters to individuals who want to speak to each other over the phone but do not share a common language. The role of the interpreter is to listen to what each person wants to say in their native language before relaying it to the other person in their language.

The beauty of telephone interpreting is that it’s incredibly easy to operate and can work in a way that suits you. If an interpreter is with the person they are going to interpret for in person, then they can arrange a simple two-way call. The interpreter will speak to each individual (using a speakerphone for ease) and convey the message to the other person.

If the interpreter is not in the same physical location as one of the speakers, then a three or more-way call can be arranged. Here, each participant will dial in from their own phone and the interpreter will act as the middleman. They can indicate when each person should speak and even use a buzzer system if there are more than two parties involved.

The on-demand element of telephone interpreting is all about ease and low cost. It simply means that businesses can use the service as and when they need to. There are no contracts involved, no set-up or equipment costs and you can pay as you go. That makes it a service that’s available to businesses of every size and with any budget.

What are the benefits of on-demand telephone interpreting?

Telephone interpreting is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to overcome the language barrier while maintaining the accuracy of the communications. The benefits include:

  • Speed – Just contact a language services provider (that’s us) and you will receive a personal dialcard that allows you to talk to any contact in seconds.
  • Availability – Our telephone interpreters are available to support you 24/7, wherever you are in the world.
  • Convenience – Telephone interpreting allows you to connect with businesses, suppliers and other stakeholders that speak a variety of languages without the need to travel.
  • Cost – All of our cost plans are billed by the second, so you only pay for the time that you’re on the phone. There are also no setup costs or hidden fees.
  • Accuracy – Using a telephone interpreter ensures that your messages are conveyed accurately to eliminate potentially costly mistakes.

When might you use an on-demand telephone interpreting service?

There are lots of scenarios where a telephone interpreting service can be invaluable. It can open up opportunities for small businesses to take their operations overseas and overcome language barriers without the requirement for a big budget. In a world that increasingly works remotely, video interpreters who work in the same way as telephone interpreters but join video calls rather than phone calls can also be very useful.

Telephone interpreting is also widely used in hospitals and other healthcare settings where speed and accuracy are crucial. This includes call centres that provide services to non-native speakers, such as the NHS 111 helpline in the UK.

On-demand telephone interpreters can also be particularly useful if there’s a cancellation, for example,  or if an in-person interpreter is late or does not turn up for an event. When you need to connect with a language professional quickly, an on-demand telephone interpreter is impossible to beat.

Need an on-demand telephone interpreter? 

Then get in touch with Linguistica Translation and Recruitment. We offer a 24/7 telephone interpreting service that you can access for everything from medical appointments to business meetings. Call 02392 987 765 or email info@linguistica-international.com today.